Contract Review for Small Businesses

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I dream of owning my own business someday. I would love to have the ability to decide the direction of an entire company. I would also really enjoy the opportunity to train and mentor my employees, developing their skills for success so that they can lead a company themselves. One thing that I often think about is the numerous contracts between business owners and clients that a business owner has to deal with. I work mostly as a freelancer right now. I work for people that I know and have a relationship with, so contracts don’t usually need to get involved. We have enough trust and open communication to make sure that everything that needs to get done is done. But this is not the case for business owners. They often hire services or take on clients based on referrals or advertising. This means they’re creating deals and partnerships with people they may not know very well at all. This sort of scares me. Of course I’d want to have contracts that state the agreements we enter into, but I don’t know how to create a contract that’s binding or airtight. I feel like any contract I make is going to have holes that a savvy business person could take advantage of. I went looking online and I found out about Smith Kendall, PLLC. The attorneys at this law office in Dallas specialize in contract review. They help their clients create contracts from company to company, company to individual, and company to employer that are clear and legally binding.

I want to make sure that every service I hire is going to deliver what they promise. If I sign a contract with a shipping and receiving company, I want to make sure that they ship my goods as stated in our contract. If they fail to ship on time, I want to have recourse so that I can recover the losses from their mistake or have the option to take my business elsewhere. I would hate to sign a contract that leaves me stuck using services I don’t like for years at a time.

Attorneys like the ones at Smith Kendall, PLLC help out everyone in the end. As a business owner, I want my business to run smoothly and efficiently. I don’t want to sign away my rights or end up in a deal that causes me more harm than good in the long run. I also want to do the right thing by my clients. I don’t want to put them in a position where they’ve signed away their rights. Lawyers like the ones at Smith Kendall, PLLC work to make sure this doesn’t happen.

I found out that some companies that aren’t in the legal field even have lawyers in-house to help out with that sort of thing. The big corporations deal with thousands of contracts every day. In order to stay safe and mitigate risk, they have full-time lawyers that deal with mergers and acquisitions, employment contracts, and non-disclosure agreements. Pretty cool to be so big you have your own lawyers. But everyone has to start off somewhere, and small business owners can hire outside legal help temporarily to get their contracts reviewed properly.

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