Hair Salon Services

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The stress of everyday life has made the choice of hair salon more than a matter of grooming; people who feel frazzled can find sanctuary in the relaxed and pampering atmosphere of a good hair salon. But not all hair salons are made equal. Most people, especially women, find time to evaluate and assess the hair salons to find just the right one to give them what they need, especially for special occasions such as weddings.

Most men have no concept of the importance of finding just the right establishment when it comes to hair care and treatment. To them, a haircut is a necessary evil and they take as little time and consideration over it as possible.

For women, the conditioning and care of hair is a time-consuming task, and must be given as much attention as any part of the body. This is especially true in the humid heat of Houston which invites frizz and dryness to take up residence. But finding the best salon in Houston means not only finding the best hair care facilities and the most experienced people in various disciplines; you want the extras as well. Aside from proper hair care, many women want the total salon experience to wash away their cares.

Hair salon services in the best places go far beyond hair and makeup, although an excellent cut is always the most important aspect when it comes to hair. But the best hair salons need to provide more than good grooming facilities; patrons need to feel relaxed and rejuvenated when they emerge, so perks such as available massage facilities or a good cup of cappuccino can go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

When looking for the best salon in Houston, keep an eye out for these little touches. While secondary to experienced professionals and excellent facilities and products, it is what often makes a good experience great.

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Medical Dangers

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There are a lot of things that pregnant women are cautioned against: stress, alcohol, rich food, cigarettes, emotional upheavals, and certain drugs. This is because the medical dangers that would otherwise not affect an individual may have unfortunate results on the growing fetus.

This can be a problem for women who are on necessary medication for a confirmed medical condition. One of these conditions that pose a conundrum for both physicians and patients is that of depression and/or anxiety. Pregnancy often triggers wild emotional swings in women who are not normally depressed or anxious because of the hormonal changes endemic to childbearing. In women diagnosed with mental disorders are often prescribed with drugs such as Zoloft to control the symptoms and the discontinuation can often lead to disaster.

Zoloft side effects are common to most of the drugs in its class, namely the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), but Zoloft (generic sertraline hydrochloride) was considered somewhat safer than other SSRIs with milder side effects. Manufacturer Pfizer had actively marketed it as safe for pregnant women if taken in small doses, even those with no prior mental disorders. Many physicians thus counseled women having difficulty coping with the emotional swings of pregnancy that controlling symptoms of depression and anxiety would be beneficial to the baby.

What Pfizer failed to warn these physicians was that prescribing Zoloft in the first trimester of the pregnancy significantly (2.8 times) increased the risk of birth defects, including but not limited to heart defects. It was a medical mistake that would affect hundreds of children born to mothers prescribed with Zoloft and multidistrict litigation.

If you or a family member has been affected by Zoloft side effects or other forms of medical mistake that could have been prevented if provided with the right information and resulting from the negligence of others, it may be advisable to consult with a personal injury lawyer regarding your rights. These medical dangers often have long-lasting and costly consequences, and the parties responsible for inflicting them should be made to pay compensation to ease at least the financial burden.

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Pedestrian Accidents and Negligence

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A car accident that involves a pedestrian often results in serious injury, and perhaps death. There is no fair contest between speeding metal and yielding soft flesh, which is why 33 states in the U.S. have a modified comparative negligence policy when it comes to car-pedestrian accidents. The thought of being severely injured in a car accident is an absolute nightmare. And knowing that this tragic could be caused because of someone else’s carelessness is absolutely sickening. This means that there is more emphasis on the driver when it comes to liability, and as long as the fault of the pedestrian is 50% or less (51% bar rule) or 49% or less (50% bar rule), the pedestrian or qualified family member may make a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the driver. In its pure form, comparative negligence places the limit to the extent that the pedestrian is at fault at 99%, but the awards will still be reduced by this extent. Twelve states enforce this pure form of comparative negligence.

On the other hand, there are 5 states that maintain a pure form of contributory negligence when it comes to a pedestrian accident. This means that if the pedestrian is in any way, in the slightest degree, responsible for the accident i.e. failing to use the crosswalk, then no claim can be made against the driver, even if the driver was demonstrably negligent  i.e. intoxicated. These states are Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Maryland and the District of Columbia. The burden of proof falls entirely on the plaintiff to show that the victim was in no way at fault for the accident, and that the driver was wholly negligent. In these states, the legal representation of the plaintiff must be exceptionally skilled in pedestrian accident cases.

In the states that follow the modified comparative fault rule, such as Pennsylvania which follows the 51% bar rule, the burden of proof is a little lighter, although the degree of fault of the pedestrian will reduce the award by that much. It still requires a competent lawyer to ensure just compensation as the driver’s insurance lawyers will stretch the point as far as it will go to prove the victim’s fault beyond the threshold given half a chance to avoid paying any claim.

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Business Oil Spill Claims

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Business oil spill claims have ground to a halt as the federal court intervenes in the BP claim to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that many fraudulent, illegitimate or over-assessed business claims have been settled by Economic and Property Damage Class Action Settlement Agreement administrator Patrick Juneau.

The 5th Circuit judges have ordered District judge Carl Barbier to order the halt of all claims processing until investigations into these allegations have completed. This has serious consequences for those whose claims have already been processed and approved but not yet paid as well as for those with pending claims.

The court decision also has consequences for those who are hoping for a favorable BP claim appeal based on the hitherto generous mandate of BP that claims would not have to prove that the oil spill was the cause of economic losses. BP has since changed its tune as more and more claims came pouring in. The Settlement allows BP to challenge each and every claim, individual or business, and has succeeded in successfully denying a majority of the claims.

It is undeniable that the 2010 oil spill had a significant and disastrous impact on most individuals and businesses in the immediate and secondary areas servicing the coastal region surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. More than three years after the disaster, the environmental and health hazards continue to persist, causing many residents to relocate. Businesses are not so fortunate. Many who have invested in the area find themselves holding the bag with no way to pay their way out of their financial troubles, and had looked to the settlement agreement to bail them out. The expulsion of people from the affected areas has further harmed these businesses, as they now have fewer customers in the area who can consume their goods and services.

The claimants, legitimate and otherwise, have no choice but to wait for the courts to finally resolve the issue and the claims processing resume.  For those who are not part of the Settlement group or who have opted out may still make a claim under the Oil Pollution Act of 1990 (OPA) in the meantime. It is important to have competent legal representation for OPA and other claims to improve the likelihood of receiving rightful compensation.

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What to do if You Are Accused of Cocaine Possession

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The penalties for criminal charges vary from state to state, but a criminal conviction whether in Texas or Massachusetts can pose serious hindrances to one’s personal, financial and social life. According to the Houston-based Karen Alexander, Attorney at Law, being accused of a crime in Texas can become an untenable situation unless you have competent and experienced legal representation. The same holds true for any state in the US, so it is in anyone’s best interest to avoid being convicted of any crime, such as cocaine possession.

Cocaine possession is the most serious of drug charges. It is considered a Class A category, keeping company with other controlled or illegal substances such as heroin, methadone, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). To be in mere possession (on a person or in premises controlled by a person) of the smallest amount of cocaine, even if it is just a plastic bag containing trace amounts of it, is enough to be charged with possession of cocaine. For larger amounts, the charges can be elevated to intent to distribute or to supply, which carry much heavier penalties than mere possession.

There are always defense to any criminal charge, including drug possession, but it all depends on how the case is presented that it will be considered by a court of law. In most cases, a competent defense lawyer would prefer that the charges are dropped or dismissed based on lack of evidence, a technical flaw in the arrest, or any circumstances which will cast doubt on the integrity of the evidence available to the prosecution. The dramatics of the court trial seldom go as popularized in television.

A good defense lawyer will stop the charges on its tracks as much as possible, but will be prepared to present a plausible defense in court if necessary. To do this, the lawyer must have the requisite knowledge of the law, the resources to produce the depositions and documents to prove the case, and experience in the court to pull it off. The alternative of engaging an inexperienced lawyer can have far-reaching consequences that may cost a defendant more in the long run.

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